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Ice Bags

At Ballard Sales we provide ice bags of many sizes for immediate shipment.  We also provide art services for your slug imprinted and custom printed ice bags.
STOCK ICE BAGS may be purchased in case quantities   1 case Minimum.
SLUG IMPRINTED ICE BAGS - Minimum Order Quantity - 5M - Your company information is printed below our stock design for a semi-custom ice bag.  We will send you a quote upon request as we run various sizes and designs.  You may sign and mail, fax or email your approval for that run of bags.  Plate Charge is $125.00 with 1st order.
CUSTOM PRINTED ICE BAGS - Minimum Quantity 30M - Your completely Custom Design.  Pricing is determined by the mil thickness, quantity, number of colors and ink coverage in your design.  Plate charges are quoted once the design is determined.

Ask about Custom Designs & Sizes!

5#(Special Order), 7#, 8#, 10 #, 11 # Blue Block Ice Bags, 20 #, 35 lb Ice Bags(custom),

40 #, Custom Printed Ice Bags

50# Plain 3.0 mil Baler Bags available 19" x 37" on 7" wickets

Ready to Palletize?  We have Stretch Wrap & Pallet Slips!

Ice Labeling is Required

Packaged ice labels must meet FDA food labeling requirements. The labels must list the name and place of business of the manufacturer, packer, or distributor of the ice. The labels must also list the net quantity of contents of the product. Because ice is a single ingredient food, packaged ice does not need listing of ingredients. In addition, ice does not require a nutrition facts label, unless the package has a nutrient content claim (such as low in sodium). But ice labeled as being from a specific source, such as spring water or artesian well water, must be truthfully labeled and not misleading; in other words, it must really be from that source. The source water must meet all the requirements for such types of source water, as described in FDA regulations.

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